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FACILITATOR for PfR-SP PME Workshop (Consultant) - DKI Jakarta & NTT

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Active since 29-08-2018 Job category Advice / consultancy
Location DKI Jakarta & NTT Level Mid-Senior level
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FACILITATOR for PfR-SP PME Workshop (Consultant)



Project Manager and Alliance Co-Lead


PFR Indonesia have developed a Programme Proposal for 2015-2020, with five IRM dialogue trajectories. By mid semester 2016, it is anticipated that the Progress 2018 and Planning report 2019 complementing each of these trajectories will be developed, which will define the key messages and target audiences for each of the IRM dialogue trajectories.
With 2016 used mainly to set-up structures and to work on focus and organisation, after two years, in 2018 all Dialogue Trajectories and Capacity Strengthening initiatives have crystallised and taken off, and contexts have become much clearer. Already during the 2016 and 2017 reporting process we indicated that the Q3 PME workshops would be a good moment to assess, align and fine-tune the great many initiatives. On basis of the Theory of Change this relates to the outcome monitoring (to be made specific for the various trajectories), the Dialogue Capacity Frameworks (to better put them in support of the dialogue trajectories), learning initiatives (to create evidence and apply it in the dialogues in a systematic and targeted way), to link national initiatives with global processes (and vice-versa). And underling all this, it relates to a solid strategy that brings all these elements together.
The workshop will serve to bring it all together, and to achieve some uniformity throughout the programme, while of course recognising and accommodating the many differences between the countries.
The workshop however will be used to, as a minimum, agree on all selected trajectories (including aims and involved stakeholders), so that a planning for 2019 (block 3) can be a collective effort during the workshop.


To facilitate the PME workshop which revolve around three questions:

  • What have PfR-SP Indonesia done over the past six months – reporting Jan-June 2018?
  • Are PfR-SP program still doing the right things (and in the right way) revisiting ToC, refining trajectories, strategies, etc?
  • What will be planning 2019?


PME workshop setup based on the following blocks:
Block 1: assessing current status| The workshop will assess where the programme stands in terms of achievements, and will do so on basis of an updated Theory of Change and outcomes that are made specific for the various trajectories.
Block 2: Refining the dialogue trajectories, capacities and knowledge| Having assessed what the current status of the programme is, PfR Indonesia will now focus on solidifying and refining the various trajectories, and of determining the necessary capacities and knowledge-base to be successful.
Block 3: Planning for 2019| With the adjusted trajectories (block 1) and DCF (block 2) the main ingredients are clear to move to planning. Not only will dialogue steps (with milestones) and capacity strengthening initiatives be selected and planned for, but also the necessary knowledge management and learning initiatives will need to be determined that will ensure effective and successful dialogues.
• Detailed workshop plan – including details of both the technical approach (sampling methods, tools and techniques to collect data against key indicators and targets, reference data, analysis, ethical considerations, limitations, etc.) and their implementation (schedule of activities and costs);
• A complete set of data collected during workshop;
• A draft report of Planning 2019 for internal review by PfR Indonesia alliance;
• Completed workshop Report.


The PME Workshop should therefore conduct in a participatory manner, including participants from the wider PfR Indonesia alliance, including CT Representatives, technical staff their agencies, and partner agencies.

The workshop shall be conducted in two days workshop including presentation, brainstorming, focus group and games.

The facilitator will perform:
• Formulating facilitation planning and report back on these planning;
• Prepare a detailed agenda that includes instruments and tools, sampling method, a thorough and tight time frame, and budget for the workshop;
• Writing final reports with several coordination with PfR Indonesia alliance for consultancy.


September 2018


• Understand well the policy process, development and implementation related to IRM in Indonesia;
• Organizations/Individual with proven skills in facilitating workshop and M&E in the issues preferably livelihood, women’s economic empowerment and gender approach, DRR, CCA, and Ecosystem Management Restoration (Solid methodological and facilitator skills);
• Experience in food security, baseline and evaluation study, market study, policy review, development research, government engagement, and community base;
• Good understanding on gender mainstreaming in policy;
• Strong attention to consistency, detail and quality;
• Fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia;
• Ability to write high quality, clear, concise reports in English;
• Ability to respond to comments and questions in a timely, appropriate manner.


Interested applicant must submit the following documentation:
1. Comprehensive curriculum vitae of individual/team involve in the activities. Expression of interest outlining how the consultant(s) meets the selection criteria and their understanding of the ToR and methodology;
2. A detailed implementation plan/technical proposal in accordance with the scope of work, expected outputs and deliverables provided for herein;
3.One recent example of similar workshop report written by the applicant;
4. Financial Proposal that indicates the all-inclusive fixed total contract price, supported by a breakdown of costs i.e. consultancy fee, ect.
5. Relocation cost will not be covered.
6. Please DO NOT attached academic transcripts and Diplomas and state clearly the applied position title in the email subject.

Please submit your applications and this position is open till filled.

"Only qualified applicants will be shortlisted"

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