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Safety and Security Specialist - Earthquake Response

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Active since 05-10-2018 Job category Security
Location - Level Entry level/Graduate
Educational level Bachelor / Graduate Employment type Fixed term contract
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CARE Indonesia is currently recruiting:

Safety and Security Specialist to oversee all elements of safety and security management for the Palu/Donggala earthquake/tsunami response.

• She/he will carry out the responsibilities listed below:

Safety and Security Management
• Collect information on risks and update risk assessment as required
• Develop, adapt, share and implement Standard Operating Procedures (transportation, communications, cash, distributions, etc.) for safety and security with the entire team, based on changes in the risk environment
• Ensure route pre-clearance prior to all travel to affected area
• Follow up any lack of adherence to SOPs immediately with the Team Lead
• Alert the team lead immediately to any safety and security concerns that may jeopardize anyone within the team, or anyone outside of the team
• Conduct site assessments of offices, guesthouses, living areas, distribution sites and develop and implement security recommendations relevant to risk levels
• Work with logistics and finance team to ensure necessary safety and security equipment is budgeted for, procured, and maintained
• Develop and maintain oversight over safety and security budget
• Maintain communication tree and communication systems for sharing info in a systematic way, for regular and emergency updates. Test the systems regularly.

Information Management and Sharing
• Collect, collate and analyze all information regarding safety and security
• Develop daily sitreps for sharing with the TL, country SLT, CARE Canada S&S Lead, CEG/CCG
• Maintain confidentiality over internal sensitive information

Visitor Tracking and Support
• Maintain the visitor tracker
• Ensure international visitors to the response are receiving a pre-arrival briefing package and pre-arrival skype call before entering the country to discuss risks and pre-arrival preparation
• Ensure visitors have necessary equipment to conduct their visit safely
• Incorporate visitors into communication system
• Give security orientations upon arrival into the country to all visitors
• Provide safety and security advice and support throughout the duration of the visit
• Collect Safety and Security Exit Forms upon departure from all volunteers
• Collect, maintain, and destroy visitor RED Forms in a confidential manner

Staff Support
• Brief all national and international staff prior to deployment into the affected area on the risks present, and the SSMP
• Provide personal safety and security training to all staff prior to entry into affected area and obtain documented informed consent prior to travel
• Act as a resource for staff questions and concerns on safety and security

Critical Incident Management

• Ensure contingency plans are up to date and members of the Critical Incident Management Team understand their roles
• Support a critical incident response by being a member of the CIMT and providing safety and security advice and actions on the response, including liaising with authorities if required
• Provide compassionate support to the affected staff members and families, in close coordination with the HR team
• Facilitate after action reviews after a critical incident response concludes and make recommendations for changes in policy, process or people based on the outcome, to the Team Lead and the Country Director

• Act as the primary safety and security link between CARE Canada and CARE Indonesia regarding the response
• Develop strong links with other NGO and UN security actors for information sharing and mutual support
• Develop connections with relevant authorities for information sharing, visa processing, etc.
• Represent CARE Indonesia on all relevant security fora
• Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
• Ensure that all staff for the response receive an orientation and sensitization training on CARE International’s Policy to Prevent Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Child Abuse
• Advise programming teams on ways to build risk mitigation measures for SEA and child abuse into programming
• Ensure reporting mechanisms are in place for all response programming areas and widely circulated among communities and staff
• Support investigations of allegations

Required Expertise and Abilities:

• 3-5 years of managing gender-inclusive safety and security programs within an NGO
• Prior experience working in a natural disaster environment
• Exceptional ability to apply creativity, compassion and common sense to complex security challenges
• Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both in written and oral form
• Strong assessment, evaluation, analysis and strategic planning skills.
• Commitment to uphold CARE International Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy
• Fluency in Bahasa and intermediate written and spoken English Language skills.
• Current ability to work in Indonesia

Please apply here as soon as possible with a resume in English. Only successful candidates will be contacted.

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Job category Security
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Name Melanie Wissink